Check Out The Best Performances From The 2013 BET Awards!

[YouTube Link] Chris Brown got the BET Awards kicked off nicely with his usual high energy moves before being joined by Nicki Minaj who arrived from the sky to kick a verse that had the censors going nuts. After…

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Babies May Soon Be Able To Have Three Biological Parents

[YouTube Link] Having a baby in the future could soon become even bigger business according to a new BBC report: The UK looks set to become the first country to allow the creation of babies using DNA from three…

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New Video From Ciara Featuring Nicki Minaj “I’m Out”

[YouTube Link] Before the BET Awards gets going Ciara drops her new video featuring Nicki Minaj – oh yeah yeah yeah.  Check out a behind the scenes look at Ciara about to hit the red carpet over on our…

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New Reality Show Gives Behind The Scenes Look At Some Of L.A.’s Richest Preachers

Check out the new trailer for Oxygen’s new series, Preachers of L.A. which will take us into the lives of 6 pastors of who drive luxury cars, rock rapper jewelry and live the good life. Oh God! We have…

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Bill Maher Talks Paula Deen, Killing Over Nikes

[YouTube Link] Classic Bill Maher New Rules! More after the jump.

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Guess Who…

Guess which celebrity chopped off her own head to give us an eyeful before heading to the pool….or just give up and get to it after the jump.

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Foxy Brown Takes A Trip

[YouTube Link] Rapper Foxy Brown might have had too mean a shoe on this weekend when she slipped and fell while promoting her new single in New York.  We hope she’s okay. Rap-Up

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Caribbean Island Makes It A Crime To Offend Someone Online

Don’t go to the tiny Caribbean island of Grenada starting trouble with people online, you may never leave. Legislators have approved a bill which is the first of its kind in the Caribbean making it a crime to offend…

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“We Disproportionately Stop Whites Too Much And Minorities Too Little” New York Mayor Bloomberg

[YouTube Link] While discussing New York City’s often controversial ‘stop and frisk’ program Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the program which some have accused of unfairly targeting minorities actually stops whites too much according to statistics. As usual Bloomberg is…

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Eddie Murphy Teams Up With Snoop Dogg For “Redlight”

[YouTube Link] Two real Rastas join forces for this latest jam. Jah!

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