• Are You Ready For Season 2 Of ‘House Of Lies’?

    Posted on January 11, 2013 - 0 Comments

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    We’re finally wrapped up on House of Lies season 1 and are itching for Season 2 to start this weekend. Since we’ve watched episodes of back stabbing, professional politics, social lives blowing up in people’s faces, and a full (shady) changing of the guards – oh, and a banquet room full of women admitting to falling for the RainMaker… (Class Action Sexual Harassment suit, anyone?), we’re convinced Season 2 can only get better.

    The merger’s dead – now what? What happens now that Roscoe’s gone, and will his evil mother really clean up and win? Will Marty smarten up and chase after the hot ex-stripper, law studying, girl-loving, accidental cop killing ex girlfriend April?? Does Jeannie find herself (and get her guy back – or does she even want him?) Will Guggenheim finally get any and does that young smart ass Clyde finally leave the company since he’s blowing up in the consulting world but hasn’t graduated from frat boy womanizer? AND WHAT HAPPENED AFTER ALL THOSE SHOTS WITH MARTY AND JEANNIE??

    Lost? You better catch up on Season 1 before season two airs on Showtime January 13th.

    Isis Arias

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    1. brokeassnegro

      The gay son ruins the show though. I guess since they couldn’t have a black man getting his Madea on they might as well make the son gay.

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