• Benzino Releases “Smashed Da Homie” Music Video

    Posted on June 4, 2013 - 0 Comments

    Benzino romps around with a Joseline Hernandez look-a-like for his new “Smashed Da Homie” music video.  Check out this craziness after the jump.

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    1. "It was all good just a week ago."

      money bring the worst out men………………………..bitch bad tho lol

    2. Anonymous

      is he saying hes an animal?

    3. Anonymous

      I see he’s on his ray j shit! Bitch in the video is disgusting… What’s up with theses females getting ass shots walking around with big ol ass and some chicken legs

    4. Chun

      Coon shit….

    5. Anonymous

      who the fuck is this nigga? he look bout 45.

      and that chick with the fugazi buns just looks awful.

      low key i’m ashamed to say that the song is catchy and I bobbed my head a few times.

    6. Dam Shame

      WOW! How the mighty have fallen! I’m so disappointed and embarrassed for Benzino… At one point he was the head of one of the most respected hip hop media outlets to ever exist, now he’s retrogressed into this?? WTF…SMH…

    7. Mike


    8. lostones

      This ho has butt implants.

    9. Renea

      She looks gross and he looks old..not attractive at all

    10. Mingy

      i couldn’t bring myself to click on it. but that top pic is dirty. i like it.

    11. Khloeadriana


    12. Anonymous

      Boston! The video hotpp

    13. deleted

      i like this song and im not ashamed :)

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