• Brazilian Girl Films Justin Bieber Sleeping In Bed…

    Posted on November 7, 2013 - 0 Comments

    Ah man… Justin should know that you never fall asleep with the fan/groupie in your room. Then moments like this happen.

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    1. Hhmmm

      This mother fucker is soooooo dumb! Confiscate cell phones!!! How do you think everyone else get away with this shit! Ugh.

    2. L.D.Dave

      Are sure he’s asleep? He could be faking, and allowing it to happen? Could be a ‘spur of the moment’ plan to have a little bit more publicity get put out on the internet.

    3. Anonymous

      lol that bitch couldn’t resist putting herself in the video even though it certainly means that she just got skeeted in.

      SMH @ chicks doing duck faces during the walk of shame.

    4. Mr. FlipStar


      That chick should have been smart and robbed that boy blind SMH

    5. brokeassnegro

      Homey probably was all up in those whores raw all night so of course that would put him to sleep. His dumbass should’ve confiscated all phones and checked all bags though.

    6. I'M>you

      In all honesty, what should he care? how does this hurt him? It proves and shows NOTHING. Stop caring about what celebrities do…they’re no different from you. Except, instead of logging onto blogs to see what people of fame are doing they realize that we all are born with talent. So they hone that talent into a profitable skill. One day the sheep will wake up and realize that they’re being slaughtered and shorn for their coats.

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