New Service Offers A SPACE Burial For Your Pets Starting At $12,000

You can now bury your beloved pet in space due to a new service from Celestis Pets branded as a “Memorial Spaceflight.” CEO Charles Chafer says: “Our pet service flights are an idea that’s been a long time coming,”…

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And Now A Word From DMX…

For those wondering… yes DMX has consumed dog food before!

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Watch How This Cat Saves A Boy From A Dog Attack…

Pu**sy Power?!?! We Kid!

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the.LIFE Candid: Buffaloes Toss Lion Up In The Air After Ambush

Check out this amazing video captured from a safari in Africa that shows how a family of buffalo handle a hungry lion that was trying to attack one of them. Crazy!!!

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Video Shows How Badly Cows Are Treated At Farms Supplying DiGiornio Pizza

Horrific undercover video taken by a Mercy For Animals investigator reveals disgusting animal cruelty at a DiGiorno dairy supplier. Workers kick, beat, and stab cows and drag them by their fragile legs and necks using chains attached to tractors….

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This Is The World’s Most Expensive Horse…

A one-year-old filly has become the world’s most expensive horse after being sold at auction in Newmarket, Suffolk, for a cool £5.25 million. The unnamed filly is the daughter of the world’s most sought after stallion, Galileo, and full-sister…

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Meet The Obama’s New Puppy “Sunny”

[YouTube Link] Check out footage of the newest addition to the Obama family – Portuguese water dog Sunny playing with Bo.

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Man Cuts His Way Out Of Shark?

Find out what was really happening here are the jump.

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Grumpy Cat Comes Out With His Own Line Of Coffee Drinks

Hahahahahah…. why not capitalize off of his fame right?  Check out these new flavors for the Grumpy Cat’s new coffee drink line entitled Grumppuccino.  Would you try one of these? Shopping

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There’s An Impala In That Toyota

[YouTube Link] Over 4 million people have viewed this amazing video in 3 days.

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