BAPE Introduces An All-Camo Stroller

  Clothing company BAPE has teamed up with stroller company AirBuggy to make a stroller with “runability” wheels for Moms and Dads on the go. The stroller will be sold exclusively at Japanese department store Isetan.   Instagram

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Nike Releases The “Fruity Pebbles” Foamposites

The people over at Nike just released the “Fruity Pebbles” Foamposite 1 exclusively for kids. The kicks hits stores today.

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Apple Introduces The World To “Diverse” Emojis

After complaints of  the lack in diversity of the emojis ,the new iOS 8.3 operating system will now feature new emojis in five different skin tones. Check them out!

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You Can Now Buy A World Record

[YouTube Link] If you have been wondering why you see more people setting world records that ever it may be because Guinness now makes it a major part of their business to help people set records. For a fee…

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Your Mug Shots Are Big Business

A new report from the New York Times takes a look a the booming business industry that has been created by websites who post mugshots of people they obtain and don’t take them down even if the charges are…

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Meet Dr. David Matlock: He Made His Perfect Woman Then Married Her

[YouTube Link] Listen to the story of Dr. David Matlock who met his wife in Veronica in 2007 when she was 40 pounds overweight and seeking his help to have ‘designer vagina’ surgery. After meeting Veronica the doctor, who…

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Lost Your House Keys? There’s An App For That!

A new app only available on iPhone’s right now called KeyMe helps ensure you’ll never be locked out again. Using the app you can take a photo of your key which is stored on their servers for free and…

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New Trend Alert: Surgery To Add Extra Lines To Your Palms

Apparently in Japan the latest trend in plastic surgery is people visiting doctors who have a knowledge of palmistry to use and electric scalpel to add new lines into your palm in hopes of changing your fortune. From the…

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Monopoly Gets Rid Of Jail?

Today the Wall Street Journal published a story claiming that in an attempt to attract young players who don’t feel like sitting around for hours playing Donald Trump, popular board game Monopoly is getting rid of jail and replacing…

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Several New York Restaurants Being Sued For Adding Automatic Gratuity

[YouTube Link] Several New York restaurants have been named in a class action lawsuit over adding “automatic gratuity” to customer’s checks despite a law that says restaurants should only be adding an automatic tip for parties of 8 or…

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