Who’s Hotter Now: Drake Or Kanye West?

Now that Drake has squashed rumors of a beef with Kanye West by bringing him out at his OVO Fest, let us know who’s getting that “king of hip hop” baton if Jay-Z ever decides to let it go….

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Who’s Hotter: Drake Or Chris Brown?

The intense competition between these two on many levels is well documented, now it’s time for the LIFERS to do the talking. When it comes to looks, music career, business savvy and who we’ll still be talking about in…

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Who’s Hotter Now: Nicki Minaj Or Rihanna?

One is a rapper who can get nasty on the mic but keeps her personal life secret for the most part, the other is a pop princess who is not scared to share the most intimate (or raunchy) moments…

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Which One Is Hotter: Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs. Apple iPhone 5?

The LIFERS should have fun with this one…  For those who own either of these phones shown above (Samsung Galaxy S4 or Apple iPhone 5) which one do you prefer?  Which one is better?  Mashable talks about the differences…

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