• Jay-Z On The Cover Of NY Daily News Amidst Barneys Racial Profiling Reports

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    All the stories about Barneys racial profiling have sparked a petition for Jay-Z to not do a clothing line with the retailer that would be available this holiday season.  The NY Daily News reports:

    The “99 Problems” rapper, who stands to make millions in a deal selling exclusive wares at the upscale store over the holidays, has been silent about allegations revealed by the Daily News that two black shoppers were racially profiled after legally purchasing items at Barneys.

    He’s failed to respond to numerous requests for comment and ignored a hornet’s nest of controversy on social media. More than 1,500 people have signed a petition calling for him to dissolve his deal with Barneys. Even residents of the Marcy Houses in Brooklyn, where he grew up, wondered if he’s forgotten the very community that helped make him rich.

    “Jay Z and my son grew up together,” said Effie Hardy, 74, who still lives at the public housing project in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

    “That could be his family Barneys is profiling. They would’ve done the same thing to him back in the day, before he got to where he is now. He should remember that.”


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    1. unimpressed

      what the fuck? why is Jay Z being held accountable? LOL, he’s not allowed to make from them? The dumbassery continues.

      • Johnny Blaze

        You know it’s that same old put the blacks against each other instead of fixing the problem. They been doing this shit for centuries & The NY Post is trying to sell newspapers.

      • Toronto Dude

        Do business with a “racist” company? Its like selling blacks selling blacks to white slave masters. Its all about money.

    2. Johnny Blaze

      Jay shouldn’t dissolve the deal. That’s NOT the problem.

      Be clear. Barney’s should be dissolved.

      If we collectively stopped shopping at Barney’s trust me they will NO longer be in business. That’s the power that we have as African Americans. No one spends money like us. Now let’s channel that shit to our advantage.

      • checkurself

        I agree, business should continue as usual, I think Jay’s best move in this scenario, would be delay the release of the watches until things calm down. It’s in his best interest to stay quiet for a while and watch for the outcome before making a drastic move like ending the contract with Barneys

        • Peanut Butter + Jelly

          NO! he should not stall out the deal. He should step up, be socially responsible and state CLEARLY, i do NOT do business with companies that discriminate. That’s it… that’s all that needs to be said. What, sit tight and wait for shit to “Blow Over”? Really? Why? This is the problem with are folks from the giddy, Johnny Blaze was right in saying that we collectively should stop shopping at Barney’s. Put all of our F$#@% Up, superficial, materialism aside to simply prove a strong and valid point. Then maybe, the old adage of ‘there’s strength in numbers” will stand true and this type of behavior would stop and not even start. Take a stand for something Bruh… or fall for any and everything!

          • checkurself

            I agree with the statement to stop shopping at Barneys as a collective group, I’m down with that 100%.

            However, in this situation, Jay Z is a business man and may not want to cross his business views with his personal views against 1 individual Barneys sales employee. There is nothing wrong with “taking a stand” but I think Jay Z should assess the situation and gather all facts before he decides to immediatly throw away millions of dollars with a large retailer. Make the smart business move, not the emotional one

            • Peanut Butter + Jelly

              It’s purely not an “emotional move”…whatsoever.
              The move is a responsible “move”
              Was he born a “business man”…or a black man?…EXACTLY!
              I can surely tell you that this particular situation is not a “one off”
              I’ve shopped at Barney’s for years, and I have TOTALLY felt the indifference…. whether it’s on Wilshire, on the corner of Rush & Oak or the one on the upper east side… It’s pure bullshit!! But it’s REAL!!
              That’s my point! Jay-Z will do what HE feels is right… and whatever he comes up with , it doesn’t really phase me one way or the other. But the exposure will make ME stop spending my money @ Barney’s… and I would strongly URGE others to consider the same. They really do NOT want you there… and it shows!!

    3. VAVA

      let me get this straight, people have NO PROBLEMS with Bloomberg writing an expose on Jay-Z while Bloomberg enforces “Stop & Frisk” policies on NYers. No one up North (especially NYers) call for Jay-Z to talk to his “buddy” and explain to him or have a forum about how Stop & Frisk is a huge problem for the Black & Hispanic communities… No outcry anywhere for that.

      But.. these people want to stop him from making money off a business deal because one dumb ass employee was a racist? I’m so confused at what the community up North rallies around to fight against. Stop trying to attack this man’s money and if you are going to attack him for anything, attack him for not properly speaking up for NYers due to Stop & Frisk especially when he has had the ear of the man who is enforcing it for years.

      #NorthernMentality you all need to get your shit straight.

      • NYN

        You do realize jay-Z doesnt actually have the ear of Bloomberg right? Bloogberg couldnt care less what jay-z thinks of stop & frisk..

        People in hip-hop give jay-z way more power and influence than he really has.. Nobody with with real power in this country gives a fuck about jay-z’s rapping ability.

        • Anonymous

          “Nobody with real power in this country gives a fuck about jay-z’s rapping ability”?

          He texts the POTUS. What are you talking about? What influence do you have?

        • VAVA

          While I agree that people in hip-hop give Jay-Z way more power and influence than he actually has that has nothing to do with the fact that he should speak to an issue as serious as Stop & Frisk. The bottomline is if Bloomberg takes the time out to assign one of his handlers to write up an article on Jay-Z and put the name “Bloomberg” on it… then it’s all the more reason that Jay (and others) should step out in public and call out those shitty policies that no city in South would dare stand for.

          I am tired of our community attacking people based on their money, I have 0 problem with his business dealing in this situation and in my opinion if people want to spend/waste their money at Barneys, that’s their business and their money, people can do whatever they want to do with their money. Let’s focus on real shit, I’m happy to see Blacks get money but I’m not happy seeing Blacks (both celebrities and everyday working people) coon out and not properly address the real issues in our community. Jay-Z making money is not a negative thing in our lives.

    4. Anonymous

      Jay-z can afford to lose a few dollars just by taking a stand on behalf of his people as a black man because the reality of this situation is the types of people Barney’s is profiling look like the same African American, Baggy jean, gold chain wearing man that’s partnering with them! HIMSELF! If he can’t identify with that and take a step back then I saw fuck him! And lets get real he ain’t for his people no one way remember ” his presence alone is charity” … The shit he selling at Barney’s are for the white folks anyway almost $700 for a rain coat, $33,000 for a watch cheapest thing is a $80 t-shirt fuck outta here!

      • Peanut Butter + Jelly

        Well put!!!!

      • NYN

        if its for white people then why do so many dumb black people keep shopping there and making fools of themselves buying things way out of their price range.. there is a much bigger issue here and it aint got nothing to do with jay-z or barneys.. we have a huge mental problem in the black community..

        • Anonymous

          There are 44 Million black people in America. I highly doubt that we’ve all shopped at Barney’s. Furthermore, we’re relatively new to wealth in America. With that said, some of us associate wealth with self-worth. Yes, it is something that we, as a people, need to work on. But, the same can be said for American consumers, in general. As a society, we purchase a lot of unnecessary shit.

        • Anonymous

          I as the person who wrote the orginal comment i can afford to shop there … But I will be damned that just because I don’t look the part then it’s assumed I can’t afford it! That’s the problem! You can say whatever you want about what’s wrong with the black community but I don’t care if I look like gutter shit my money is just as good and it should not be assumed that I can’t afford it point blank! I will say it again their in partnership with a man that looks just like the kid they profiled ….If Jay wasnt who he is he wouldnt even gave a deal at Barney! … You know what lets take it back a notch u said that black folks buying what they can’t afford is the issue but jay isn’t? Yea right every kid in the hood know who jay is but do you see him selling anything affordable for his people NO! He is part of the reason why you have so many young people out here taking their last dollar to buy something they can’t afford as u say because they looking up to people like him.. And since that’s the case he needs to take a stance and fall back from Barney’s …he got kids out here scrapping up pennies just to buy his shit at a location that they are then gonna get profiled and arrested at… Please this is foolery

    5. DiamondD

      Jay Z do not let broke niggas, who had no business what so ever even stepping foot in Barneys, mess your money up. This was not a black doctor, female attorney, it was a fat, black,broke ‘nurse student’ using her tax return check, an a poor black male college student who had to save, to buy a 300 dollar belt….if you have to save for 300 dollars, you do not need to be buying a buckle….niggas will not move forward, until they can manage money better. BARNEYS IS FOR THE RICH, and thats who they cater too,, period, point, blank.

      • Anonymous

        you are assuming too much about the people you speak of. You need to live your own life and not everyone elses. It makes no difference if it was a “fat, black,broke ‘nurse student’ using her tax return check, an a poor black male college student who had to save, to buy a 300 dollar belt….” it was their money and they have a right to spend it how they please.

        • Anonymous

          That girl with the baby, and she had another on the way, that bought that $2,500 Orange suede purse, I would have Ike Turner’ed her ass all the way back to the store, she could have went to Canal Street & got 110 purses for the same price.

          This kid, the problem is he took the belt back a few days later and isn’t that like what the store wants to prevent? They want to prevent people from buying shit then returning the shit 3 days later for a full refund. So that kid wasted every body’s motherfucking time. If he kept the belt, thats one thing, but he took the belt back. How do we know he wasn’t planning to do that in the first place?

          The police need to work for the people & stop being the lackey of corporations. Jay-Z should just ignore the bullshit & get that money. I don’t understand New Yorkers, all them streets and NO street sense.

      • Anonymous

        Wow you are ignorant so you have never saved up for anything in your life to obtain? Bullshit! So I guess vacations are for the rich too and all those that save up for their yearly vacation should be arrested once they get to the resort cause my god how could they afford such a trip right? STFU!!

        • DiamondD

          No, I have not had to save up 300 dollars ever in my life, I have always had that plus a hell of alot more just from merely being born……..I hate niggas, not African Americans, niggas…..those on a bus pass, but going into a store to buy a 2k handbag, on financial aid, yet to even claim a major but your priority is saving to buy a 300 belt…the fact you have to save up for 300 is a joke…niggas riding around in a mercedes but living at home with your mama, niggas buying a 2000 dollar bag but barely have 20 dollars to put in the purse, bc you definitely can not afford to buy the wallet to match, niggas buying 300/400 dollar lebrons/ jordans but when its time to be pall bearer at your grandmothers funeral, you dont own a decent suit, niggas ( had a pair of tenants like this ) two months late on rent, bc you they using it ” for their yearly vacation” to vacation at a resort they can not afford….I am so glad I am not poor, and if I was cursed with such badluck, I definitely would not be using savings and tax returns to pretend to be rich……this is about the rich vs the poor…..BARNEYS wanted that merchandise back more than anything, they rather not sell it, than sell it to a nigga…AND I DONT BLAME THEM…notice I did not say African American…if this would have been someone who was farther up the social hierarchy ladder such as a Doctor, Attorney, Finance Manager, CEO, Who could actually justify spending, then thats different…but this two niggas, i dont think so…they will settle out of court ( chump change) and keep it moving…@2:37 i am not assuming too much, I saw their pics, and read their profile, and both of them combined do not have a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out of……..#.ITS LEVELS TO THIS SHIT YOUNG BOY, when you step out of bounds this is what happens…target/ macys at the maximum is where their finances dictate they should be shopping..when you have the basics mastered in Maslows heirachy, then you move up to the next level….Nigga- no education, unemployeed, no assets, receiving and dependent upon assistance from the government, living below the poverty line. Blacks ged/highschool diploma/ first generation college student, renting, employed but a minimum wage, works blue collar jobs, barely has 3/4 months of savings, living hand to mouth, receives partial benefits from government, at or slightly above poverty line, African American-college graduate 2nd , 3rd, or 4th generation, homeowner, self employeed or working in a supervisory position, does not financially qualify for govt assistance, single nets 75k /family nets 250k yearly, has a financial portfolio, college savings for children, able to vacation domestic or international once a year…..which one are you? The first two should not even have Barneys, on their mind….UNDERSTANDING POVERTY by RUBY PAYNE excellent book.

          • M.Garvey

            Older I get the more the Chris Rock joke is right (niggas vs black people) but you realize that black people get treated like niggas though?

            I don’t fuck with 300$ belts, maybe a watch – as in 1 not 5.

          • Peanut Butter + Jelly


          • MRB

            As mean as this sound @DiamondD has a major point that I have to agree with! If you’re too broke to handle the normal day to day shit then you shouldn’t be shopping for expensive merchandise. I can’t judge you for it but common sense would tell you buying a car or clothes that you have to save for doesn’t do you any justice but makes you a fraud! Most niggas will buy a fresh pair of Jordans for 500 but won’t even invest ( notice i said invest) in a decent quality suit for an interview! This has nothing to do with race but it does have something to do with income and priorities!

          • Anonymous

            @DiamondD the fact that you have to save for $300 is NOT a joke. You have some very good points, no disputing that. But it seems to me that you have drank this system up. First of all you think there is #winning, second of all you think there is a sure way to win, third of all, you feel there is a way to begin to win even when you are losing. All three of those are false. I don’t think being poor is bad luck, luck has nothing to do with it. No mercedes out front but I do live with my mama. Yes, I’ve withheld the rent to go international (twice). We got to enjoy this life even if we end up playing catch-up, cuz tomorrow aint promised. The belt was stupid, the purse was stupid, but goddamn it, let us be stupid once a year, white people get to be stupid every goddamn day. Stop trying to make sense of the system, the system don’t make no sense. It’s survival of the fittest in what God created, it ain’t survival of the fittest in what man created. Man gonna let win who the man wanna let win. I’m gonna check that book out, but there ain’t no way in hell people just naturally fell to the bottom. I think the woman should win the case but the kid should lose the case because he took the merchandise back which proves what everyone thought, “He couldn’t afford it”.

            • checkurself

              The kid, most likely, returned the belt back to Barney’s based upon his attorney’s advice, it helps build his case by showing his disgust after being a victim of racial profiling. I have a law degree and if it was me, I would advise my client to do the same, appearance in a racial profiling case is very important. Just had to throw that in really quick cause started to see everyone paying attention to a minor detail that most likely was not his overall choice

    6. brokeassnegro

      Let him make the millions off of the WHITE. All minorities just need to stop going there. Why give away your money if people are going to treat you like a piece of shit.

    7. M.Garvey

      To comment way above, Funny you think Bloomberg gives a fuck about Shawn Carter. He using him as a pawn while he pushes stop and frisk. Dumbasses

      • Anonymous

        I think that is VAVAs point lol seems as though you missed it. If the White Man is going to say your name in a positive light in any way, which is what Bloomberg did in his article then you should use that platform to rally others around something of note and worth. Bloomberg would look like an ass black-tracking as Bill Maher says and Jay could rally other celebrities alike to the cause. If pawns move to the other side of the board, they become the most powerful moving piece on the board.

    8. #StopLookingForEntertainerTo SolveOurProblems

      #StopLookingForEntertainerTo SolveOurProblems

      It doesn’t matter if it’s Barney’s, Sachs Fifth Ave, SOHO, Macy’s or a boutique in Switzerland. They are going to racially profile you if you are shopping while black, they did it to Oprah and she could buy a few department stores. He’s a rapper not a Messiah.

    9. Anonymous

      All u muthafuckas are smart dumb niggas. Jay can’t be silent on this issue. This is the same guy that stopped endorsing Cristal cuz they didnt care for the hip hop community. Yes he’s a businessman but he claims to be one with high integrity as well so this is a problem for him. He’s free to do whatever he wants but he if stays quite and continues to do business with Barney. He would be proving “Mr. Dayo” right.

    10. Hey Checkurself

      No lawyer would advise the client to take the belt back, not three days later. It just proves Barney’s point that they were tired of people who weren’t even their target customer base buying their merchandise, having a weekend in the city, and returning it. Keep it, it makes your case look better, shows that you really wanted it. Black people, we forget, when we step into a building for a product or a service part of our money is going to pay the rent and all the other expenses that we are rubber necking and going “Woooow!” over. Nothing is free, somebody is paying for it, somewhere. So before you step into a building or associate with someone living a better lifestyle than you, you need to be sure they aren’t looking to you to pay for it.

      • checkurself

        Clearly, the kid didnt have legal representation the day it happend … hence it being returned 3 DAYS LATER!

        This is a legal matter, it’s not a petty argument where you’re trying to prove a point. It’s a lot easier to say he was racial profiled in due to his disgust and disrespect he will no longer due business with Barney’s retailer or retair that will conduct business in that manner to their customers… or your idea, “ya I was discriminated, but I really wanted the belt, so I kept it anyways, and im suing you, but you can keep my money” smh come’on!

        • Hey Checkurself

          He’s a low income dude, nothing wrong with that, I’m one of them. HE CAN’T DO BUSINESS WITH BARNEY’S. You dont need a lawyer to tell you to take the belt back, your mother or your homeboy could tell you that. He couldn’t even afford the belt, he had more pressing financial needs, that’s why he took it back.

          I mean, come on, what planet am I on? Am I on the only person who thinks it’s downright tacky & counterproductive to buy something then take it back a few days later for a full refund? What the fuck is Barney’s supposed to do with some used shit that was brand new a few days ago, polish it off, put a tag on it & put it back on the rack?

          Real talk, I wouldn’t even trip if the staff profiled certain customers & said, “Lookie here, you can’t be bringing this back in a few days for a full refund, I know how y’all do”

          • Anonymous

            the thing that’s wrong with your statement is that the majority of people who do this on a numbers basis – are white.

            particularly white women. anyone who’s ever seen the numbers on returns knows this. women putting tape and other stuff on the bottom of shoes so they don’t get scuffed so they can return them. dresses they can’t afford, expensive bags – even USED panties have been returned with women fronting that they’re new.

            so who do you profile now? just the blacks and let women return stanky draws? or do you start profiling white women too? And how come I haven’t read any articles about white women being profiled in a store?

    11. Real Wrap

      I’ve never been treated bad in Barney’s. I shop I’m 24 and I work legit unfortunately I know of this young lady Kayla who does credit card scams. Jay Z would be a dummy to cut all ties with Barney’s for some Brooklyn credit card scammers. New York is so heavy with credit card scams maybe Barney’s wouldn’t have to stop customers if African Americans weren’t the main ones doing it ! I used to work for Saks and I’ve seen the loss prevention pictures of people banned from the stores majority were African American and I’m black as well. Jay don’t do it for some people looking for a come up. 5 mil ? And can’t afford legal aide ? Seriously ?

      • Anonymous

        Credit card scams, thats some white people shit, still credit card numbers and putting them on blank cards, then hitting up the ATMS all over the city for $14 million. Black people, we just working with the residue of that shit. Dont be fooled by the shit they put on the wall. On the news they only show pictures of the black criminals, white criminals, they just show the name or dont even get a mention. We aint that technical plus we always the only ones being watched. Every time a white person does a crime the mob always goes to look for an innocent black to lynch, thats the way it’s always been. Have you seen The Green Mile? Every crime there is we the one percent, but the 99% being arrested. Putting up black people’s pics when it comes to crime that’s just a psychological operation to reinforce that white is pure & black is dirty.

    12. Reason 1

      Bullshit Jay is an easy target here. This is about the victim not jay… Smarten up.

      Sue the cunts asap

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