• Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Take North West For A Stroll…

    Posted on November 7, 2013 - 0 Comments

    The West family spotted going for an afternoon walk today.

    Photos: X17 Via Tumblr

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    1. Jerm

      I cant tell whose the one wearing the pamper.

    2. Lillian

      Cute baby!!

    3. Anonymous

      ugly fat diaper looking ass

    4. Anonymous

      someone forgot their butt pads

    5. Anonymous

      she’s beautiful in the face without makeup – but that ass is a dick softener.

      who am I kidding – i’d still beat.

    6. Johnny Blaze

      Just put on some regular sweats dude

    7. brokeassnegro

      They look sooo happy….even got on matching sneakers.

    8. I'M>you

      Y’all dudes KNOW you would absolutely tremble if she threw that “P” at you. Stop fronting just to be cool on the internet.

    9. Anonymous

      Can we all acknowledge the photoshop truth about that white bathing suit pic that she flaunted a few weeks ago! Dat ass looks disgusting in this pic and it does every time it’s not in a photoshopped pic! Shes a a fake! Kanye ya bitch will never be as good as Bey!

      • Kiss

        Well…this pic compared to that bikini pic. I’d have to agree with you. Cute baby!

      • Mulah

        Hadn’t thought about it but your probably right about the Photoshop because she is looking like a can of busted biscuits from the back In this pic . She shouldn’t rush it; it takes time to lose that weight.

      • Dafuq


        Yea, because Beyonce’s pictures are never photoshopped.

        • Anonymous

          No shit we all know she bey is Photoshoped as well but let’s keep it real the before and after pictures are not as dramatic as kims ..we have all seen bey on her off days doing exactly what Kim is doing now and bet doesn’t come as close to looking as horrible as she does! …sorry Kanye ya chick ain’t that HOT!

    10. Anonymous


    11. bahah

      aw lovelovelove

    12. Hhmmm

      1. Cute baby.

      2. I wish that people would take pictures of all the the negative commenters every time they walked out the house so we could all talk shit about their body.

      3. I acknowledge that the bikini pic was probably photoshopped and sexy angled, but are you surprised? Has anything real ever been produced from that bitch? Excluding her adorable ass baby of course.

    13. miekel

      another kid is comin out her ass damn, you can find the baby if you have a compass

    14. NorthStar

      Well, at LEAST they don’t play hide and seek with their child like some wacked out parents. *cough* Beyonce and Jay-Z *cough*

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