• Kanye West Stops By Power 105′s Breakfast Club… Says President Obama Has No Money, Urges Fans To Boycott Louis Vuitton

    Posted on November 26, 2013 - 0 Comments

    You know when Kanye West does an interview, it’s always epic. The superstar artist talks about his plans to dominate the fashion world, Kim Kardashian, boycotting Louis Vuitton and the fact that President Obama doesn’t have enough money to bring forth change. Weight in on the interview in our comments section.

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    1. bleh

      Ok i see we’re now resorting to sensationalist headlines. Within context he said Obama in comparison to ex president George Bush has very little money/ very few connections and that is why its even more difficult for him to push policy through. Which is correct.

    2. mrb

      Kanye is an asshole but forreal some of the things he’s saying is true and something black people don’t understand! Product information is something we don’t really know shit about! We want the urban and clothing shit in our community but our shit is never timeless like the big names he speak of like LV, Chanel, AMQ, ect! The white man has basically put us at a level that we can never cross! He’s trying to step pass them! I have total respect for that! Why don’t our work/products meaning it being clothing or tech or whatever see future growth…The only growth we have is for the now not the future! Thats a major point he has!

    3. MosiahGarvey

      You guys got to adjust the outlay of the site. especially the mobile version.
      Now to Ye – he got access to capital that most black people never mind most people in general dont have access to. Get your shit together and reach for your dreams.

    4. checkurself

      As a long time fan of Kanye West’s music, after watching this I think it’s more than obvious he will NEVER break into the fashion industry. His ego has gotten too large and demanding which is just a massive risk when considering a partnership with a person who makes rash decisions based on emotion like Kanye does and denounces other major clothing labels based upon bad business experiences (Louis Vutton). Clearly Kanye has not learned the art of not burning bridges from Jay Z … aside from that I agree with Charlamagne I really actually overall don’t give a fuck if he ever gets a fashion deal or not, his music is lacking and that’s really what keeps Kanye relevant at all. I’m not hating on Kanye trying to follow his dreams just, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen, you can’t always get what you want

    5. Space Mack

      Kanye needs to realize that you don’t burn bridges to get what you want. What l found telling in this interview is when Angela Yee asked him who keeps him grounded and gives him an honest opinion and he said, “God.” That means Kanye has been living in a bubble of passion and ego with no sense of reality, so he can see things clearly. He has the right mindset because some of the things he says make sense (ownership, marginalization, artistic freedom), but he lets his ego takeover.

    6. camille

      Where’s the interview with Sway!? There could be a whole semester Psychology class dedicated to his interviews.

    7. DrinkBlackWater

      C’mon with the out of context headlines!! You know thats not what he said. SMH

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