• New Borderless Music: By tabi Bonney, Poom Poom

    Posted on July 29, 2014 - 0 Comments

    DC rapper, tabi Bonney, known for his indie hip-hop style is back with new music. His latest single, Poom Poom, comes with no surprise of energized, sonically different sound that tabi is know for. Mixing hip-hop feel with pop/electric sounds creates an interesting genre twist.

    As tabi has made a career of doing what others won’t or can’t – he consistently creates music that is borderless. It seems that the mixing of genres is a perfect timing in music right now, as many music fans today enjoy multiple genres and getting them in one song is sometimes a plus, when done organically. You have to give respect to him for consistently delivering music that challenges current hip-hop trends. You can tell he does it for the art of music.

    Give the song a listen and share your thoughts, hit or miss?

    Gerald Gordon

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