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  • Kendrick Lamar Gets 'COMPLEX'

    Posted on July 21, 2014 - 0 Comment(s)


    Kendrick’s perspective on life always comes back to his Compton roots. His upbringing provides him with a treasure trove of traumatic experiences that give his music a sense of purpose. On the lyrical blackout “m.A.A.d city,” he describes seeing a “light-skin nigga with his brains blown out.” Around age 5, he witnessed his uncle’s murder. In conversation, he casually recalls yet another murder, when he called his friend Yo to the barbershop just before someone shot up the block, killing one of their homeboys.

    Read the full article HERE.

  • Kanye West Talks About His Wedding In The New Issue Of 'GQ' Magazine

    Posted on July 21, 2014 - 0 Comment(s)


    This is why we love Kanye West.  Check out these excerpts from his GQ cover article regarding his wedding earlier this year.

    GQ: Can I read you something? The New York Post’s Page Six has an account of your wedding that reads, in part: “Kanye returned one hour before the wedding and didn’t like the all-white bar that was in front of the Gold Toilet Tower. He took a saw and started sawing it in half himself. Two men held the bar stable as he sawed, and sawed, into the bar, defacing the entire front, screaming at everyone around him. He said it looked like a bar from Texas. Then he ordered two pieces of raw wood to be nailed onto the front of the bar. Once the wood was in place, ‘Now,’ he said, ‘it’s art.’ The Italian construction teams looked at this guy and couldn’t believe what they were seeing.”

    KW: For the person that wrote that, were they involved with anything last year that was as culturally significant as the Yeezus tour or that album? They didn’t even talk there about the photographs, or the dress, or Andrea Bocelli singing, or the marble tables. They’re like: “It’s a gold toilet.” No. The bathrooms—that usually would be a porta-potty—were wrapped in a fabric that was neutral to match the fort. The bar was terrible, and the wedding planner didn’t approve it with me. I was having issues with this wedding planner the entire time on approvals, and I get there and they threw some weird plastic bar there. So the same materials that were used to cover the bathroom, we said, “Let’s just use that, because this is all we have to make the bar look better.” Which it did, in the end. And anyone knows that you cannot pick up tools yourself, because of—what are those rules about the workers?

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