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  • An Interesting Offering From The Ritz Carlton Hotel In Jakarta

    Posted on July 29, 2014 - 0 Comment(s)


    Luxuo reports:

    Pastry chef Hendri Chang of The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Mega Kuningan has taken liberties and recreated the dessert that Ansel debuted earlier this spring.

    Like the original Cookie Shot, Chang’s version is made with chocolate chip cookie dough, shaped in small shot glasses, and can hold either milk or a creme brulee filling.

    The Cookie Shot will be sold at the Asia Cake Shop in the hotel lobby and brings the popular dessert to consumers in Indonesia.

  • New Borderless Music: By tabi Bonney, Poom Poom

    Posted on July 29, 2014 - 0 Comment(s)

    DC rapper, tabi Bonney, known for his indie hip-hop style is back with new music. His latest single, Poom Poom, comes with no surprise of energized, sonically different sound that tabi is know for. Mixing hip-hop feel with pop/electric sounds creates an interesting genre twist.

    As tabi has made a career of doing what others won’t or can’t – he consistently creates music that is borderless. It seems that the mixing of genres is a perfect timing in music right now, as many music fans today enjoy multiple genres and getting them in one song is sometimes a plus, when done organically. You have to give respect to him for consistently delivering music that challenges current hip-hop trends. You can tell he does it for the art of music.

    Give the song a listen and share your thoughts, hit or miss?

    Gerald Gordon
  • French & Khloe Discuss Their Relationship and More on the Angie Martinez Show

    Posted on July 26, 2014 - 0 Comment(s)

    The voice of New York is ready to show and prove why she made the unexpected station move to power 105.1. For her first major guest on the show she has French Montana joined by his rumored “Bae”, Khloe Kardashian. The two have been very hush, hush about their relationships, but finally opened up to Angie about what is going on.

    This was a great way to keep the buzz growing about her new show home and is sure to help push rating. Having guest come to see her over the highly popular Breakfast Club is major. I, like everyone else, loves The B.C. interviews and hope that they continue to get large-scale talent like they have for these last couple of years. But if this is any sign of things to come, Angie might snag a good amount of those exclusives, like this one.

    Check out the video and tell us your thoughts on what French and Khloe had to say about their relationship.

    Gerald Gordon
  • Entertainment Tonight Takes You Behind The Scenes Of Whitney Houston's New Biopic

    Posted on July 24, 2014 - 0 Comment(s)

    Cissy Houston had this to say about the film:

    “Lifetime has chosen to go ahead with the movie about Whitney in spite of my family’s objections,” she told ET in a statement. “No one connected with this movie knew Whitney or anything about her relationship with Bobby.”

    “In the two years since Whitney’s death, many people have stepped forward to speak about their close relationship with her. I find it difficult to believe people who knew and supposedly loved her would participate in a movie about her done by folks who didn’t know her. We are exhausted by the continuing misinformation and comments offered by people who did not know her. Please, please let her rest.”

  • 'The Best Man Wedding' Slated To Hit Theaters In 2016

    Posted on July 24, 2014 - 0 Comment(s)


    According to Entertainment Weekly:

    Universal has announced that the third film, which follows 2013’s The Best Man Holiday and 1999’s The Best Man, is titled The Best Man Wedding and will be released on Friday, April 15, 2016. As the film’s description puts it, the gang returns to “celebrate the group’s most unexpected wedding to date.” Malcolm D. Lee will again write and direct, with Sean Daniel returning to produce.

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