• Rihanna Jumps On Wale’s “Bad” Remix

    Posted on June 3, 2013 - 0 Comments

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    1. Anonymous

      I like it.

    2. Anonymous

      Bad ass song its straight song this one bad song Get Queen Rihanna!! go girl!

    3. Anonymous

      This song should have has Rihanna on it orginally it fits her perfectly!

    4. Anonymous

      Maybe it’s just me… meh.

    5. music is so wack these days

      ^^^^^^ it’s not just you it kinda sucks….seems like they’re trying too hard. Wale sound like its smiling through the whole song like a damn kid.

    6. DaFuq

      Rihanna can’t hold the simplest of notes on this track. Original was better. Hopefully they never perform this shit live.

    7. Music Lover

      Damn….i would be offended if another chick sang over my part in a song and called it a remix….they just wanted her on cause she’s a “bad” girl. Shits stoopid.

    8. Ronnie

      Sounds good but not sure if thats cool! Hope the other girl got paid at least! Long as I got paid I may be honored!

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