Two Planes Almost Collide On Runway At Barcelona Airport (VIDEO)

Hit the jump to check out this video showing how these two planes almost hit each other on the runway in Barcelona.  Whew!  That was close!

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Drunk Driver Crashes Vehicle Into Crowd At SXSW In Austin, Texas (2 Killed)

Yikes! According to reports a drunken driver ran his car into a crowd at this years SXSW killing two people. While the victims have not been identified yet, the driver will be charged with two counts of capital murder…

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Tyrese Gibson Breaks Down At Paul Walker Crash Site

Here is footage of actor / singer Tyrese Gibson crying while visiting the crash site of his friend and fellow actor Paul Walker who passed away in a fiery crash this weekend. Walker’s family is said to be completely…

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That Was A Close One!

[YouTube Link] Check out this amazing video out of Taiwan of a boulder almost flattening a car which drove right into the path of falling debris from an avalanche. Luckily everyone was ok.

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Kylie Jenner Gets In Her First Car Accident 18 Days After Being On The Road

Make way for the new generation of the Kardashian clan, literally.  Just 18 days after being on the road 16-year old Kylie Jenner had her first accident when she smashed her Mercedes G 500 jeep into the back of…

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Family Rescued By George Zimmerman Wants To Maintain Their Privacy

[YouTube Link] The family which was reported to be rescued when George Zimmerman pulled them from an overturned SUV only a mile from where he shot Trayvon Martin will not be revealing themselves anytime soon according to new reports….

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Chris Brown Charged With A Hit And Run

Another day another legal problem for Chris Brown. In addition to changing his Twitter icon and header to show the scene at a May car accident, the pop star has addressed his followers on the social network now that…

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Woman Kills Herself And Her Husband While Learning To Park

This tragedy is so unbelievable it sounds straight out of a Final Destination script: A woman tragically killed her husband and herself while backing up her car in an underground parking garage in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province on June 18…

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Singer Miguel Accidentally Leg Drops Fan During Performance

[YouTube Link] Miguel may have stolen the show for the 2013 Billboard Music Awards when during a perfectly smooth set the singer attempted to jump between stages and ended up doing his best Hulk Hogan to a fan. Ouch!

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Nobody Wants To File An Accident Report More Than Elton Kim

[YouTube Link] A man named Elton Kim is lucky to be alive after a woman backed into his SUV then tried to flee the scene but not before he could jump onto the hood of her car.  Lucky for…

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