It’s Always A Good Time For A Kanye West Rant… (Phoenix, AZ)

During the Yeezus tour stop in Phoenix, AZ Kanye West took some time to reflect on his latest interviews, struggles to get a record deal and not winning a Grammy against a white artist. Oohhh Kill Em!

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The ‘Zombie Drug’ Makes Its Way To The U.S.

Well this is crazy… According to reports: Krokodil, technically known as Desomorphine, has a similar effect to heroin, but is significantly cheaper and easier to make. In the last few years, it’s been wreaking severe havoc on the bodies and…

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Was This Guy Really Arrested For Drinking An Iced Tea?!

[YouTube Link] From the YouTube poster: Xstrav and Tino Brown at the ABC Liquor store located in Fayeteville North Carolina waiting for Money Mal to come so that they could purchase some liquor. Suddenly an undercover cop approaches the…

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