Watch President Obama’s Full 2014 State Of The Union Address

President Barack Obama delivered his 5th State Of The Union address last night laying out his plans, some of which we’ve heard before, and hitting us with statistics on how his efforts have been successful. Do you still feel…

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Beyonce Shares Candid Shots From The White House

Fresh from her performance at Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday party in the White House, Beyonce shares these new candid shots.  This is the life! Photos: I Am Beyonce

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O.J. Simpson Rumored To Be Suffering From Brain Cancer

According to the beacon of truth known as The Mirror News disgraced former footballer OJ Simpson is saying he has brain cancer and could be dead any day now. If this rumor is true OJ has also issued a…

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Filmmaker Shares Intimate Account Of Mitt Romney’s Race For The Presidency In Netflix Documentary

Producer Seth Gordon, of the Academy Award winning Undefeated, and filmmaker Greg Whiteley are back with Mitt, a rare, behind-the-scenes view of Romney’s fight for the U.S. presidency. Looks like it may be worth watching. Thoughts? DIGG

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President Obama Apologizes To Americans Who Are Losing Their Healthcare

POTUS found himself apologizing to the American people, in an interview Thursday with NBC‘s Chuck Todd, after some people in the individual insurance market found their health plans canceled under the new Affordable Care Act. This comes after his promises…

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“I Might Not Be As Successful As I Am Now If I Was Dark Skin” J. Cole

What’s going on in hip hop this week, first Macklemore says he may not have been as popular if he were black,and now J. Cole chimes in on the effect his skin color has on his success.  Check out…

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Just Two Old Friends Having Lunch

Hillary Clinton and President Obama raised more than a couple eyebrows after this photo of the two laughing and having lunch was released by the White House.  Could they be talking about 2016?  Would you vote for Hillary Clinton?…

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Bill O’Reilly Says Kanye West & Jay Z May Be Harming Black Children

[YouTube Link] Hip hop’s biggest fan Bill O’Reilly talks about what he sees as the harmful lyrics of Kanye West and Jay Z and their decision to possibly boycott the state of Florida over the Stand Your Ground laws….

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President Obama Will Not Be Your Waiter This Evening

Long before he was the President of the United States, Barack Obama was a little known Illinois senator who was trying to make his way up the political ladder. Now after making comments about his experience with racism last…

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President Obama Speaks On Trayvon Martin Trial

[YouTube Link] President Obama unexpectedly took the stage today to deliver a press conference where he spoke on the Trayvon Martin verdict and his experience being black in America. Rare you hear Barack Obama speak this candidly.

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