Amber Rose Talks About Break Down Of Marriage To Wiz Khalifa With A Series Of Tweets

Well there you have it.  Any questions?

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Could This Lamar Odom Video Have Been The Final Straw For His Marriage To Khloe Kardashian?

Video surfaces of Lamar Odom apparently under the influence doing a weird freestyle where he admits to cheating on Khloe Kardashian… Reports say that this video was the last straw for Khloe Kardashian who is rumored to be filing…

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Pastor Reveals His Wife Is In Isolation Because She Can’t Stop Cheating

FOX Carolina 21 Pastor Ron Carpenter who resides over Redemption World Outreach megachurch in South Carolina admitted to those in his congregation this weekend that his wife had cheated on him multiple times.  The Pastor tells Word Radio, “in…

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Lamar Odom May Have Some Explaining To Do

Lamar Odom’s Secret Girlfriend Talks to STAR A woman named Jennifer Richardson is claiming that she is Lamar Odom’s secret girlfriend, despite the fact that he is married to Khloe Kardashian.  We hear her talking, but where’s the text…

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Rapper AP.9 Reveals More Information About His Affair With Coco

He tells the beacon of truth that is Star magazine: “I first met Coco at Surerender nightclub in Las Vegas,” AP.9 tells Star magazine. “She invited me back to her table; I had a couple of drinks; we exchanged…

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NFL Legend Dan Marino Admits Cheating On Wife Of 28 Years

(Not the woman in question…) In an exclusive to the New York Post former Miami Dolphins quarterback and NFL legend Dan Marino admits he has fathered a child with CBS Sports colleague Donna Savattere despite being married to his wife…

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I Am Coco Austin: How Do I Look?

Another picture surfaces of Coco Austin with who we think is the rapper AP.9 who caused trouble in her marriage with Ice-T last month.  YIKES! Vlad

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