Jesus Loves Strippers?

Have you ever heard of strip church? This ABC News special introduces us to a group of suburban moms led by a former stripper named Jaime Hindman, founder of Divine OC. Divine OC is part of the emerging strip…

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This Chapel In Poland Is Constructed Out Of Thousands Of Human Bones

Located in one of country’s oldest towns Czermna, Poland the Kaplica Czaszek, “Chapel of Skulls” has one eery factor that sets it entirely from the rest. The skulls and leg bones of over 3,000 victims of wars and plagues cover the…

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Pastor Reveals His Wife Is In Isolation Because She Can’t Stop Cheating

FOX Carolina 21 Pastor Ron Carpenter who resides over Redemption World Outreach megachurch in South Carolina admitted to those in his congregation this weekend that his wife had cheated on him multiple times.  The Pastor tells Word Radio, “in…

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Former Rapper Craig Mack Has A New Flavor In His Ear?

[YouTube Link] We can’t believe this footage of former Bad Boy rapper Craig Mack joining a cult is real. This video is from May 2012, so if the former artist is promoting something maybe he’s waiting for it to…

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Jesus Was The Original Hipster?

These new ads from the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn which can be found in Brooklyn and Queens try to appeal to the locals by putting Jesus in some Converse sneakers.  But where are his funky glasses? Animal NY

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Pastor Rick Warren’s Son Commits Suicide

Despite helping millions thanks to his motivational speeches and best selling book “The Purpose Driven Life,” Pastor Rick Warren was not able to save his 27-year old son who sadly has committed suicide. According to Warren: “You who watched Matthew…

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