the.LIFE Candid: Couple Caught Having Sex While Driving (Video)

[YOUTUBE LINK] Someone took this quick video of what appears to be a couple having sex while driving on the highway. Couldn’t wait till you got home eh? Dlisted

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Woman Kills Herself And Her Husband While Learning To Park

This tragedy is so unbelievable it sounds straight out of a Final Destination script: A woman tragically killed her husband and herself while backing up her car in an underground parking garage in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province on June 18…

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New Reports Show That Hands-Free Texting May Be Even Worse When Driving

A new AAA study has found that using voice commands to send text messages and emails while driving is actually more distracting and dangerous than simply talking on a cellphone. That’s definitely some food for thought!

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Saudi Man Takes Texting And Driving To A New Level

[YouTube Link] Pull up to the club like….woah!

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Parents Share Photo Of Son’s Last Text Message

In hopes of convincing more of us to stop texting and driving the parents of 22-year old University of Northern Colorado student Alexander Heit who drifted into oncoming traffic then jerked the steering wheel causing his car to roll, have released…

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Next Time Someone Is Tailgating You Try This

[YouTube Link] This has to be the toughest guy wherever he lives, his response to that car driving too close his bumper in classic! On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t try this at home… 22 Words

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News Flash: Holding The Steering Wheel At “10 & 2″ Is Old School

[YouTube Link] For years we’ve heard that the best way to hold a car steering wheel is at the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock position, which most people never do, however this video from AAA shows us the updated…

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