Underwater Homes For Sale In Dubai

All we know for now is: A developer is to build 42 villas that have two floors above water level and one beneath on a cluster of six islands on The World islands project. The developer, Kleindienst Group, said…

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the.LIFE Candid: Will Smith, Tyrese And Maxwell Bring In The New Year In Dubai

Tyrese shared this photo of the fellas on his Instagram page looking happy as ever in their very appropriate outfits.  The good life. Photo: Instagram

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Dubai Burger Restaurant Mooyah Delivers Food In This Classic Jaguar

The mean Jaguar XJ220 is the delivery vehicle of choice for Dubai’s Mooyah restaurant with the car above making all of it’s deliveries.  For the Dubai LIFERS… have you seen this car on the streets before? AGS

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Here Is Something You Don’t See Everyday…

A salmon pink colored Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren spotted in Dubai, United Arab Emirates this weekend.  Check out the owner driving the car in open back sandals. Ha. The Life! AGS

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And The World’s Best Hotel Is…

The Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai has been named the World’s Best Hotel this year.  Here are some fun facts about the luxuy Dubai haven. Burj Al Arab is a luxury hotel located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates….

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Police In Dubai Will Now Get To Drive The Bugatti Veyron

You heard right.  The Bugatti Veyron has been added to Dubai’s police car fleet it was announced.  It will be hard to escape the cops in this supercar. Dubai Police Chief Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, an outspoken lieutenant general, tweeted…

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Emirates Airlines Providing Hookah Suites On A380 Airbus

For those who enjoy smoking a little hookah, you can now do it on Dubai based airline Emirates in their private suite.  Here is a statement from the airline: “This new service will provide our Middle Eastern passengers with…

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Rolls Royce In The Front… Chrysler 300 In The Back?!

Ahhh…. not sure what to say about this crazy car customization, but whoever the owner of this vehicle is thought it would be cool to add Rolls Royce features to the front of their Chrysler 300 C SRT 8. …

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This Is What It Looked Like When 2,847 Chefs From Across The World Met Up In Dubai

Held at Meydan racecourse, the world record was achieved as part of an initiative by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing and Emirates Culinary Guild and was an attempt to bring UAE residents closer to Emirati cuisine. Luxuo

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