Wondering What Restaurants Your Favorite Celebrity Frequents?

Urban Spoon has just released a list of the top eateries for star gazing. Check out the Top 10 in NYC and Los Angeles below. NYC Bacaro: Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry, Russell Brand Sons of Essex: Drake, Rihanna, Justin…

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New Trend Alert: Gastronomic Voyeurism

A 34-year old woman named Park Seo-yeon tells Reuters about the latest trend in South Korea, watching people eat large amounts of food online because you’re hungry. Park says she quit her day job and now makes over $9,000…

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the.LIFE Candid: Scott Disick And Kanye West Eating 30,000 Feet In The Sky

Scott Disick’s Instagram

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Remember Your First Taste?

[YouTube Link] This video just screened at the TEDxSydney 2013 conference called First Taste gives us a slow motion look at kids reactions when tasting different foods for the first time. Time well wasted. Good Food

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Tammy Jung Is Fat And Proud!

[YouTube Link] Listen to the story of Tammy Jung whose goal is to double her weight of 233 pounds so she can be the biggest fetish model online and continue making tons of money.  What’s crazier – her behavior…

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Breakfast From Around The World

Thailand: Usually consists of some meaty treat dropped in a semolina/porridge mixture. What you see above is pork porridge. It features Chinese doughnuts, beansprouts, pork intestine stuffed with peppery pork mince, sliced pork heart, stomach slivers and blood pudding. English: Sausages,…

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Here’s How Animals Eat Their Food

[YouTube Link] In this new video going viral while one friend quietly enjoys his meal his buddy decides to show him how different animals eat their food. One million people have watched this video over the past two days,…

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Go Inside The Annual Gala Of New York’s Exclusive Explorers Club

[YouTube Link] National Geographic reports on the Explorers Club gala which goes down each year at the Waldorf Astoria hotel where guests dine on cockroaches, stuffed eyeballs, testicles and rodents. OC

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This Fork Helps You Control The Pace That You Eat At

The HapiFork is a new invention coming out at this years CES that is controlled by bluetooth and vibrates to let you know if you are eating your food too fast.  CEO of HapiLabs Fabrice Boutain had this to…

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