BAPE Introduces An All-Camo Stroller

  Clothing company BAPE has teamed up with stroller company AirBuggy to make a stroller with “runability” wheels for Moms and Dads on the go. The stroller will be sold exclusively at Japanese department store Isetan.   Instagram

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A Vertical Catwalk In Japan?!?!?

Now that’s innovative… but serioiusly how in the hell did they do that? Watch the video!

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McDonald’s Japan To Introduce Cherry-Blossom Burgers For Spring

From Design Taxi: Spring in Japan is marked by the arrival of pretty pink cherry blossoms, and this year, McDonald’s Japan is planning to introduce a sakura-inspired burger to celebrate the occasion. It will debut the ‘Sakura Teritama’ burger that features a…

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This Ferrari 458 Spider Spotted In Japan Has An Open Mouth?!?!

Would you do this kind of car wrap to your sportscare LIFERS?  Something about it just isn’t Kosher to us.  Thoughts? AGS

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This Bra Pops Open When You Find True Love

Using technology that transmits to a smartphone app that monitors your heart rate this new bra concept out of Japan pops open when a woman’s heart beat says she has found true love, or is really nervous. Either way…

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Burger King Japan Introduces The Black Ninja Burger

Burger King Japan has launched an interesting new item on the menu dubbed the Black Ninja Burger. The sandwich, which features hash brown and an extra long strip of bacon cased between two bamboo charcoal colored black buns, will be…

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Super-Luxury Train Launching On Japan Railways

The amenities aboard Kyushu Railway’s “Nanatsuboshi” luxury train include piano, bar and 14 private suites.  The seven-star train is already booked through June 2014. Here are some more details. Each wood-panelled bedroom has plush beds and a desk along…

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KFC Japan Adds Deep-Fried Soup To The Menu

Beginning on September 5th, KFC Japan has added Deep-Fried Corn Potage Soup to their menu which is basically corn soup, fried to a crisp. The weird new addition will only be available for a limited time but proves that…

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New Trend Alert: Surgery To Add Extra Lines To Your Palms

Apparently in Japan the latest trend in plastic surgery is people visiting doctors who have a knowledge of palmistry to use and electric scalpel to add new lines into your palm in hopes of changing your fortune. From the…

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New Trend Alert: The Snail Facial

[YouTube Link] Would you spend the $250 a Japanese salon is now offering a facial which consists of live snails crawling across your face will cost you?  This looks like torture.

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