George Zimmerman To Fight DMX In Celebrity Boxing Match?

Last month George Zimmerman spoke with Radar Online about his boxing aspirations saying, “Prior to the incident, I was actually going to the gym for weight loss and doing boxing-type training for weight loss. A mutual friend put me…

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Former Marine Kills Stepfather With Wedgie

A 33-year old Oklahoma man named Brad Davis is facing first degree murder charges after a drunken fight with his stepfather that left the man dead.  According to the official report, the cause of the death was an “atomic wedgie”…

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Former Brazilian Soccer Player’s Head Left At Doorstep

Well this is crazy… According to CNN: João Rodrigo Silva Santos didn’t come home Monday night. When the former professional footballer’s wife opened the door on her way to work the next morning, she found his severed head on…

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This Is How Life Is As A Teenage Hitman

CNN gets the exclusive from Rosalio Reta and Gabriel Cardona who spent their teen years as drug assassins for Mexico’s infamous Zeta drug cartel rune by Miguel Angel Trevino. The men who are now serving life sentences say they…

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George Zimmerman Stopped For Speeding In Texas… Gun Found In His Car

[YouTube Link] TMZ Reports: George Zimmerman is still armed and theoretically dangerous … he was stopped by cops for speeding and revealed he had a gun in his glove compartment. Zimmerman was speeding in Forney, Texas on Sunday, just…

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The Parents Of Trayvon Martin Break Their Silence On “The Today Show”

[YouTube Link] Check out what the parents of deceased teenager Trayvon Martin Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin had to say about the death of their son and George Zimmerman being found innocent on one of their press stops today….

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NFL Player Aaron Hernandez Charged With Murder

[YouTube Link] This investigation has been brewing for a while now but it seems that authorities finally have enough evidence to prosecute New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez with murder. Reports the AP: Hernandez, 23, was taken from…

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The Trial Of George Zimmerman Begins

[YouTube Link] The trial of George Zimmerman has begun and with all the public fascination around this case it looks like it will be one of the most highly covered in recent history. Check out this clip where George…

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Man Kills Someone While Waiting In Line For Nikes, Gets Back In Line

An unidentified Atlanta man waiting in line for a pair of denim Nike LeBron X EXT sneakers killed a would-be robber outside of Wish, a clothing and shoe store on Moreland Avenue then got back in line in hopes of getting…

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Still No Answers In Case Of Man Killed In Mid-Town Manhattan 6 Months Ago

The murder of Brandon Lincoln Woodard, who died on West 58th Street last year on Dec. 10 in broad day light still has no answers an entire 6 months after the killing.  With surveillance evidence and witnesses, the NYPD…

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