Drake Brings Out Bobby Shmurda On NJ Tour Stop

On the NJ stop of the Drake Vs. Lil Wanye tour, Drake brings out the tri-state favorite, Bobby Shmurda to perform his single “Hot Nigga”. Naturally the crowd was sent into a frenzy when Shmurda came out to do…

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High School Senior Sues Parents For Tuition Payments After Being Kicked Out Of The House

An 18-year old honors student from New Jersey is now suing her parents after their refusal to pay for the rest of her Catholic high school education and for college in the fall. ABC News reports: The girl claims…

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Cory Booker Wins Bid To Become US Senator

Newark, New Jersey mayor Cory Booker, who is given credit for helping lower the crime and bringing a sports stadium to the state’s biggest city, has won his bid to represent New Jersey at the US Senate.  Booker, who…

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Lil Wayne Gets Iced Out At New Jersey Show

[YouTube Link] Lil Wayne had some candid words for a fan who got so excited they decided to throw ice on the stage while the rapper was addressing fans during a tour stop in New Jersey. No respect!

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Whitney Houston’s Red Granite Gravestone Goes Up

Late singer Whitney Houston’s grave is now complete with the erection of a red granite gravestone that refers to her as “The Voice” and has “I will always love you” written at the bottom.  We hope she is resting…

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Here Is The New Jersey Liquor Store That Sold The Winning $338M Powerball Ticket

[YouTube Link] The store owners of Eagle Liquors in New Jersey get $10,000 for selling the winning $338 Million Powerball ticket won by a soon to be a 44-year old former deli worker named Pedro who is a father…

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Trenton, New Jersey Deemed Least Romantic City In The Nation

According to Foursquare data collected each Valentine’s day dating back to 2007 check-ins at romantic locations throughout the city like flower shops, restaurants and lingeries stores are the lowest in the nation. Rounding out the other least romantic cities…

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Meet America’s Oldest Teacher Who Won’t Retire At 99 Years Old

Meet Agnes, also known as Granny who still teaches at a North Plainfield school in New Jersey who is still going at 99 years old. Talk about motivation!

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Cory Booker Talks About His Past Dislike For Homosexuals

While Newark major Cory Booker prepares to run for Senate in 2014, he addresses his battle with homophobia in an article he wrote for The Stanford Daily back in 1990. “Allow me to be more direct, escaping the euphemisms…

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