Bring Your Daughter To Work Day… Starring Kanye West

What a cute kid! Kim K’s Instagram

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High School Senior Sues Parents For Tuition Payments After Being Kicked Out Of The House

An 18-year old honors student from New Jersey is now suing her parents after their refusal to pay for the rest of her Catholic high school education and for college in the fall. ABC News reports: The girl claims…

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Look At What Happens When Parents Tell Their Kids They Ate All The Halloween Candy

[YOUTUBE LINK] Jimmy Kimmel may just be the king of viral pranks. This time the reality show host released a segment during his late night Jimmy Kimmel Live, showing what happens when a few parents decided to participate in…

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NYC Private School Teacher Asks Children To Write Suicide Note For Homework?!

Ahhh… this is a little disturbing.  Posh New York City private school York Prep, that charges an estimated $41,000 per year for students to attend is under fire after one of its teachers asked students to write a suicide…

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President Obama Talks About Getting A Tattoo

Malia and Sasha, President Obama’s 14 and 11-year olds are tattoo-free so far and will most likely want to stay that way after their dad shared with NBC’s ‘Today’ what he would do if they ever decided to get…

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Would You Stay At The Legoland Hotel In California?

Now there is an official Legoland Hotel right at Legoland in California that features 250 rooms.  Here are some more details: The are 3,422 Lego models in the hotel created out of over 3 million Lego bricks. There are…

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New York Man Suing Parents For $200,000 For Not Loving Him Enough

[YouTube Link] A 32-year old man named Bernard Bey from Brooklyn who is homeless has taken the unprecedented step of suing his parents over claims they didn’t love him enough leading to his current situation.  Although his parents say they…

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Principal Of Everett High School In Boston Comes Under Fire For Showing “Terminator” Style Video To Students

Well this isn’t good right? Everett High School principal Erick Naumann is in hot water after showing students a Terminator style video where he says “We’re all doomed” as a way to introduce himself to the kids. The School…

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