It’s a Cole World in Ferguson

With all the news focused on Ferguson and the Michael Brown situation this the last week it begs the question, where are the cultural leaders? Celebrities have massive voices that can help shift culture outside of their own personal…

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16-Year Old Bryant Park Shooter Mouths Off To Media

[YOUTUBE LINK] According to the NY Daily News: “F–k all you n—–s!” Corey Dunton screamed as detectives escorted him in handcuffs out of the Midtown South Precinct stationhouse en route to court. Dunton, 16, was apprehended early Sunday after…

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Meet Antoinette Tuff: She’s A True Hero

[YouTube Link] After a gunman armed with an AK-47 made his way into a Dekalb County, Georgia school on Tuesday and announced he was bout to start killing students a clerk named Antoinette Tuff convinced him put his gun…

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Robert Zimmerman Jr. Speaks On His Brother’s Acquittal

[YouTube Link] Shortly after his brother Geroge was found innocent Robert Zimmerman sat down with Piers Morgan and discussed his feelings now that the case is behind them. More after the jump.

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“They Would Have Shot And Killed Trayvon Martin A Lot Sooner Than George Zimmerman” Geraldo Rivera On Jurors

[YouTube Link] While speaking on ”Fox & Friends” Geraldo Rivera shared his thoughts on the George Zimmerman trial saying the 6 jurors, all of whom are women, would have done the same thing he did that night. I see those…

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‘Fruitvale Station’ Tells The Story Of Oscar Grant

[YouTube Link] We can’t wait to check out this Forrest Whitaker production starring Michael B. Jordan which tells the story of the events surrounding the shooting of University of Southern California student Oscar Grant who was shot while he…

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Man Kills Someone While Waiting In Line For Nikes, Gets Back In Line

An unidentified Atlanta man waiting in line for a pair of denim Nike LeBron X EXT sneakers killed a would-be robber outside of Wish, a clothing and shoe store on Moreland Avenue then got back in line in hopes of getting…

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In Texas If An Escort Doesn’t Give You Sex You Can Shoot Her?!

A Texas jury has acquitted a 30-year old man named Ezekiel Gilbert who shot an escort he met on Craigslist in the neck on Christmas eve in 2009 after he paid her $150 and she tried to leave without…

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Miami Rapper Trina’s Brother Shot And Killed In Miami

According to the report above, Trina’s brother Gonk got into a dispute with a friend and neighbor that led to his fatal shooting. Crazy!

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French Montana Talks Recent Shooting Incident And Max B

French Montana gave the Power 105 Breakfast Club crew a pretty interesting interview today touching on everything from the shooting at his recent Philly concert, to the current standing of his “beef” with 50 Cent and giving Max B’s…

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