Bill O’Reilly Talks The Debate Over Stop And Frisk

[YouTube Link] Bill O’Reilly voices his support for the stop and frisk policy and gets into it with Nathanial Pendleton whose daughter Hadiya was killed in Chicago after she performed at the Presidential Inauguration.

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Federal Judge Finds New York’s ‘Stop And Frisk’ Program Violates Rights

[YouTube Link] Looks like there may be some changes in the way New York police deal with citizens according to a new ruling, reports CBS: A federal judge ruled that the New York City Police Department’s controversial stop-and-frisk policy,…

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“We Disproportionately Stop Whites Too Much And Minorities Too Little” New York Mayor Bloomberg

[YouTube Link] While discussing New York City’s often controversial ‘stop and frisk’ program Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the program which some have accused of unfairly targeting minorities actually stops whites too much according to statistics. As usual Bloomberg is…

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