Check Out The New Apple iPad Air 2

Apple’s mission statement on the recently unveiled Apple iPad Air 2 is simply: How do you improve on something that’s such a powerful and yet beautifully simple tool? How do you take something that has transformed the way we…

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Apple iPhone 6 Set To Launch In Two Weeks (Leaked Box)

This leaked image of the new Apple iPhone 6 product box has the internet in a frenzy as reports say the in demand phone will launch in about two weeks.  Any LIFERS waiting to get their hands on the…

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Blackberry Launching Square Smartphone Called “Passport”

Blackberry had this to say about the launch of their new smartphone: Just as a PASSPORT is the universal symbol of mobility and was the inspiration for the size and form factor of this device, your BlackBerry Passport becomes…

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LG Unveils Their New G3 Smartphone

Think they stand a chance against Apple’s iPhone? Let us know what you think in our comments section. Some deets about the phone below: The new phone is a successor to the LG G2. It features a 5.5-inch Quad…

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The ‘Terra Wind Amphibious Motorcoach’ Takes You Through Water For A Mere $650,000

Aside from the big back televsion in the sleeping quarters of the Terra Wind Amphibious Motorcoach, everything else looks pretty cool if you’re into the cross country bus life thing. Here are the specs on this water ride that…

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A Vertical Catwalk In Japan?!?!?

Now that’s innovative… but serioiusly how in the hell did they do that? Watch the video!

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Ever Thought About Using A 3D Printer To Build A Home?

According to ITN News: A Chinese company is using a giant 3D printer to mass produce houses. The WinSun New Materials Company says it can print ten a day at a cost of under $5,000 using a mixture of…

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Stupid Or Genius? BroApp Helps Men Send Automated Romantic Texts To Girlfriends

For all the fellas who may not be the “best” texters or most romantically savvy, introducing BroApp, a new smartphone application for men that promises to take care of that problem for you. The user can compose several texts and…

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Starwood Hotels Set To Introduce Smartphone Access To Rooms Instead Of Card Keys

Bypass the hotel front desk with keyless check-in from the SPG mobile app, the industry’s first keyless hotel check-in. Definitely an interesting concept. What do the LIFERS think?

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This Bra Pops Open When You Find True Love

Using technology that transmits to a smartphone app that monitors your heart rate this new bra concept out of Japan pops open when a woman’s heart beat says she has found true love, or is really nervous. Either way…

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