These Are The Top 10 Landmarks In The World

(Machu Picchu, Peru) Trip Advisor has released a list of what they view as the Top 10 landmarks across the globe listed below.  Have you been to any of these locations LIFERS?  Let us know in our comments section….

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Looking For See Through Travel Luggage?

Salvatore Ferragamo – $1420

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Meet Graham Hughes: He’s Been Around The World

[YouTube Link] British travel blogger Graham Hughes takes us around the world in 4 minutes in this viral video which is the culmination of his 1,426 day, 160,000 mile trip to each country without using a plane. Find out…

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Some Travel Spray From Hermès?

Check out these new Hermès pocketable travel fragrances from the luxury brand including (‘bleu galice’ blue, ‘rose crevette’, ‘vert canopée’ green and ‘jaune soufre’ yellow).  The travel fragrances retail for about $250USD.  Would you get one? Luxuo

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Thousands Fill Out Application To Move To Mars Forever

In just two weeks over 78,000 people have filled out an application to be one of the four people to move to Mars in 2023. The Mars One project which will cost about $6 billion plans to pay for…

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New Report: Homosexuals Spend More Money On Vacations Than Straight Couples

According to the US survey by Community Marketing Inc.: After polling 5,700 respondents across the US last year, the survey found that gay and lesbian hotel guests spend an average of 57 percent more during their vacation than their…

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This Is The Only Way To See Rio De Janeiro

[YouTube Link] Friends Ludovic Woerth and Jokke Sommer take us on a thrilling trip over the city of Rio De Janeiro Brazil using wing suits to glide over the city and even between two towers. This is the life!

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My Life: Mark Lakin

[YouTube Link] For this week’s My Life segment Javid sits down with Mark Lakin at his art studio located in Manhattan at 750 Greenwich street right across the street from popular restaurant The Spotted Pig.  Mark tells us how…

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the.LIFE Candid: 50 Cent And Crew Touch Down In Puerto Rico

[YouTube Link]

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