Meet Greg Benson: The Cell Phone Crasher

This may be a prank actually worth trying! Greg Benson of MediocreFilms has a new solution, dubbed ‘cell phone crashing’, for those who really don’t want to hear those loud, inconsiderate phone conversations that so many have public. Sitting next to the offender…

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New Video From Rebecca Black For “Saturday”

Rebecca Black who rose to internet fame with her song “Friday” which was too awful to forget for the over 100 million people who watched the video is back with a new tune. She calls this one, Saturday. Genius!

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Best ‘Price Is Right’ Reaction Ever

[YOUTUBE LINK] After Aliaya, a contestant on The Price Is Right, was called onstage on a recent episode of the game show, she completely wigs out with a reaction destined for viral video history. The SMH moment has already begun making…

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Woman Quits Job To Kanye West’s “Gone”

[YOUTUBE LINK] A YouTube video is quickly becoming the most popular way to quit a job.

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9-Year Old Kid President Interviews Beyonce

[YouTube Link] First he was doing videos with President Obama and now Beyonce, this kid has the viral video game on lock!

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Former Rapper Craig Mack Has A New Flavor In His Ear?

[YouTube Link] We can’t believe this footage of former Bad Boy rapper Craig Mack joining a cult is real. This video is from May 2012, so if the former artist is promoting something maybe he’s waiting for it to…

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Is This Video Of A Woman Beating Up A Would-Be Robber Real Or Fake?

[YouTube Link] You tell us if we’re going to find out this is a cell phone ad in a month!

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Senior Citizen Twerk

[YouTube Link] YouTube stars The Golden Sisters illustrate how far Miley Cyrus has taken the twerking phenomenon showing us what they got in this new video. Don’t blow your back out ladies.

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Meet 6-Year Old Aaralyn: She’s A Real Rock Star

[YouTube Link] 6-year old Aaralyn and her brother Izzy perform their original song “Zombie Skin” for America’s Got Talent and we can almost guarantee it’s not what you expected.

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The Prancing Elites Are Alabama’s All Male Cheerleading Team

[YouTube Link] Then this happened.

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