I Am Bruce Jenner: How Do I Look?

The NY Daily News got their hands on exclusive paparazzi images of Bruce Jenner outside of his Malibu home wearing a dress and smoking a cigarette.  WOW!

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Check Out Oprah Winfrey’s Chicago News Audition Tape From 1983

OWN TV: When Oprah heard there was a morning show in Chicago that needed a new host, she stayed up all night long with an editor to prepare her audition tape. Watch her original audition tape, circa 1983!

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“Kim Kardashian” Is The Most Beautiful Woman… Of Human Existence.” Kanye West

Kanye West loves his woman! While stopping in at The Angie Martinez Show with Kim in tow, feelings poured from both sides, neither having enough good to say about the other. He gushed about about her everything while she…

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President Obama Stops Speech To Offer Aid To Fainting Pregnant Woman

[YOUTUBE LINK] President Obama catches a pregnant woman who almost fainted during his speech on Healthcare.gov in the Rose Garden.

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Woman Suing After Being Stripped Naked By Four Cops

A LaSalle County, Illinois woman is going head to head with the neighborhood police department after what she feels was an illegal strip search. Take a look at the video above and let us know if you think the…

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Two Teens Rescue Kidnapped Woman After She Mouths Plea For Help

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. A Dallas woman is forever indebted to Aaron Arias and Jamal Harris after they saved her from becoming just another kidnapping victim. The two teenage boys were driving in Seagoville, Texas when…

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Woman In Iowa Viciously Beaten By Authorities For Shop Lifting (Video)

Wow. This surveillance video with no audio shows a woman being interrogated and then beaten by the authorities for stealing $388 worth of clothing. Yikes!

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Young Female Runner Accused Of Malicious Fecal Distribution

[YouTube Link] Why is this woman pooping in this New Mexico man’s yard!?  Disgusting.

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This Is The Scene In Brazil

Thanks to police brutality, poor public services and government corruption Brazil is currently in the midst of one of the country’s biggest protests in 20 years.  On the streets of Rio de Janeiro more than 100,000 people gathered on…

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66 Year Old Man Finds Out He Is Really A Woman During Hospital Visit

In things that make you go hmmm news, a report comes out of South China about a 66-year old man who went to the hospital for abdomen pain and found out he was a woman.  A cyst was found…

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