• the.LIFE Candid: Mariah Carey And Dem Babies At Disneyland

    Posted on October 18, 2013 - 0 Comments

    Mariah Carey was spotted with her twins Monroe and Moroccan at Disneyland in Anaheim, California for a day of fun.  Nice!

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    1. dirtydirty

      Does mariahs kids have special needs?

    2. MissZaraBaby

      Those kids look offence,they don’t look normal!!

    3. MissZaraBaby

      Okay my comment sounds a bit bad!!its a pity I can’t delete it!!

    4. Diva

      They are cute to me…

    5. brokeassnegro

      Damn the daughter needs glasses already….

    6. Anti-believer

      One needs glasses already and the other has Mariah’s FOREHEAD!


      i tell you… sometimes having kids so late in age can cause genes not to be there best.

    7. Johnny Blaze

      Chill guys these are young kids.

      Let’s not go there. Wish them the best.

    8. Unimpressed

      You guys suck. There’s literally no reason to talk about people’s children like this..

      • dirtydirty

        Then why the fuck did the life files post a pic of these motherfuckers, the whole family is fucked up……nick got weak kidneys, mariah ass is a drunk and has had a broken arm for a year, and then these two slow ass kids, one blind the other need a helmet…..Mariah n set up and had these kids at 52 years old and this is what can happen..I tried to be politically correct, but fuck it since I suck, I might as well keep it one hundred.

    9. Anonymous

      I remember when I was pregnant. I refused to laugh at or make fun of anyone. I believe in Karma. Plus, I had a dream that my baby was growing a tail and you can see it hanging out of my stomach. Lol.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you completely.

        furthermore, it’s said that the mark of a civilized man/woman is the way he treats children and the elderly.

        where I come from, among the civilized, you can’t go at children or our elders. this is what respect is.

        so I agree with you completely – and i’m glad that your kid doesn’t have a tail.


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