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    Meet Ivy Coco, a young talent with an aim on the fashion industry. Growing up the daughter of actress, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Coco has been exposed to the unforgiving entertainment industry since birth. Getting a break in any industry can be challenging, especially fashion and entertainment. Rather than depend solely on her mother’s reputation, LA born and raised Coco has begun to create her own name and image for herself. Using her personality and style, this Fashionista has turned her vision into a recognizable brand. She was able to develop a strong following on her Instagram and website,, by simply “sharing [her] life through pictures”.

    More than just an “instagram celeb”, young 19 year old, is currently attending Syracuse University, where she is slated to graduate early at the age of 20. Beyond being a student, Coco has her own hairline, Diva Hair that she has had for just over a year. With aspirations of becoming a young fashion mogul she is taking all opportunities to build her name. From modeling to blogging to interning, she shows no sign of slowing down. When speaking with Coco about her thoughts on fashion and self-image she had this to say:

    “I live by the saying, “dress how you want to be addressed.” I believe your style is not just what you wear, it’s really who you are and who you want to become. People notice your clothes before they notice your mind, so it’s important that they compliment each other.”

    Photo: Gerald Gordon

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